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Over 15 years ago, ZnetShows started as an eCommerce wholesale company for bead and jewelry suppliers. Ever since then, our main focus has been supplying wholesale to bead stores and major designers. Unlike most other importers and wholesalers of bead and jewelry supplies, we try to specialize in custom productions for most of our product lines, such as Cultured Sea Glass, Tiaria Chinese crystal, base metal and glass pearls. In fact, we currently have over 3, Cultured Sea Glass selections!

None of our distributor or retailer customers carry everything we do. So, if you can not find what you need anywhere else, most likely you will find it here. Sign In or Sign Up to buy wsale. Ring 12mm 16mm 23mm 27mm Rondelle 10x8mm 12x3. Teardrop Round 15x10mm 16x10mm 16x8mm 18x6mm 38x9mm Tube 6x4mm 9x4mm 12x10mm 14x4mm 38x8mm Tusk. All Sea Glass Bead Colors. All Sea Life. Charmology World.

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Cultured Sea Glass Pendants. All Sea Glass Pendant Colors.

Cultured Sea Glass Beads. Cube 3mm 4mm 11mm Diamond Heart Hexagon Kidney 18x14mm 19x14mm Large Hole 14x8mm 14x10mm Marquise Spindle 18x13mm 21x13mm 22x7mm 26x12mm Nugget 14x10mm 20x15mm nugget tiaria mix other nuggets. Octagon 14x12mm 18x15mm 22x15mm 25x18mm Other Shapes Oval 12x9mm 16x12mm 18x13mm 20x15mm 20x16mm 22x13mm 24x20mm 25x9mm 25x18mm other ovals Rectangle 18x13mm 20x14mm 27x18mm 33x24mm.

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Rondelle 2x2. Tiaria Mix 6x4mm 8x5mm 12x9mm other mixes Twist 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm.

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Tiaria Glass Crystal Bead Colors. Cash Back will be added to your account when your order is reported to us.

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As with everything, there are going to be some disadvantages to using such a cheap, shared hosting solution. After all the chit-chat over several days which provided me with no really useful information beyond what's on their advice pages, I went over the site with a fine-toothed comb and detailed every step, including questions for the support along the way, to make sure I did it properly.

In the end, no questions answered, just an 'It seems fine now, you're up! Green Web Hosting Let's update this a bit, shall we. There is much to be said.

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HostGator took a beating when it was bought by EIG. But it still floats after all these years. Not perfect, far from it. But it's still good in many cases, and for many people.

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That is typical; every time I call I know I will face a loooooong wait time. I hate calling Hostgator. I just spent 90 minutes with a rep named Emily who was awful and falsely concluded there was no problem, so she did nothing to help resolve the matter which has been ongoing for quite some time. Wait time can be hours just connecting with a chat agent.

I really despise my experience with HostGator and will be leaving as soon as possible!