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Get 3 quotes Tell us what your car needs and receive up to 3 quotes. Pick a quote and book Compare quotes based on price, distance, and ratings. Go to the garage Get your car fixed - no surprises. Having the oil changed on your car extends your car's life. Without the correct engine oil, or using old engine oil, the engine is worn unnecessarily.

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Make Average price Compare and save Audi Get 3 quotes. Get 3 quotes. Compare prices - and save time and money. Remember to change the oil filter. Get 3 quotes on oil change and oil filter change. How important is the engine oil?

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Ratings of change of oil and oil filter Project Phoenix. Darryl was both experienced and proficient. Very happy with the work completed - a clutch replace John M. Ford Mondeo Wrench Studio. Chevrolet Kalos Trailer Trek Tow-bars Mobile Fitters. Steven C. Dacia Logan Get complete car advice. The EGR valve: What is it? Here are the best winter car accessories.

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Car Care and Why it is Important. What is a Transmission? Choose the right oil for your car Remember to use the correct oil when you need to refill — you can see which oil, your car uses in the instruction manual. Synthetic or ordinary motor oil?

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Quality If you have an old car and the warranty has expired, you should still use a good oil. Viscosity buoyancy What type of oil you need is in the instruction manual. Manufacturers and oil brands There are several different manufacturers of oil, and every car brand has usually a recommended brand.

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A great oil that is very reasonably priced compared to other places that sell it! Bonus is, the two cars and van we own all use the same grade of oil! If you have a car that is burning loads of oil then this may be an expensive purchase but if your car is ok then this is as good as any other quality oil out there.

Usually dispatched within 1 to 3 months. Very good oil for my Fiesta 1. Good brand and also good quality. Perry UK.

I guess I'll never know how well this oil protects my M3 engine, but having read reviews on Castol Oil I decided my oil would be replaced annually and not every 2 years as per BMW specs and as per my 5 year pre-paid service plan. Personally I don't believe oil will last for two years, so on alternate years I'll be putting in this liquid gold. Its engine oil. It works fine as yet.


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I have used this oil before and it's very good. Currently unavailable. The word viscosity describes how easily an engine oil flows. Here we explain what descriptions like 0W and 5W actually mean. The viscosity of an oil is measured by its resistance to flow. There are two numbers that define the viscosity of an oil. The first number ends with the letter 'W', which stands for Winter. This measurement is related to how an oil flows when it is cold, such as at engine start-up.