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I like the spring-loaded and color coded speaker terminals which make wiring up your system quick, easy, and reliable. Pick up 2 or more of these great little guys and you can wire them for down to 1 ohms total to get the most out of your bass amp.

How bad is the $70 subwoofer from Walmart? Install - Review

Be sure to head over and check out the amazing buyer reviews and low price at Amazon. I could go on and on. Not only that, but the cone features a nice stitching around the edges for added strength while looking sharp, too. Not only that, helpful diagrams are provided to help you match your new subs to your amp for getting the most out of them. Click image to enlarge. Included are the full list of Thiele-Small speaker parameters and much more.

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There are several helpful subwoofer wiring diagrams to help you wire your system right the first time. Why go broke buying subs that are 3x the price with only a little bit more to offer? These are a far better value and a smart buy. Take a look see why they're one of the best selling subs at Amazon today. Pyle Power Series — Cheap but good. Short on cash? You can still get great bass! Unlike other budget subwoofers you get a stitched edge cone for better build quality — great for long-lasting bass for years.

A great starter sub! Pick up 2 or more and you can wire them for 8, 4, 2, or even 1 ohm for optimal amp use.

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Check it out today! See why over 1, people are raving about this budget winner at Amazon. Tight on money? Did I mention they sound great, too? What you will get, however, is great sounding bass that gets the job done and you can still crank up your your favorite jams for extra fun. The polypropylene cone features a strong formed shape for added strength. The thick foam surround lasts for years of uses while staying strong for great bass response. I like the classic, dependable subwoofer design but with the more durable modern plastic cone.

Get affordable bass today! Head over and find out why so many people love them at Amazon. Need an excellent budget amp to drive your new subs with? No problem! Tags: budget speakers car audio subwoofer.

Buyers guide. July 27, Infographic — How to buy the best budget car subwoofer 2. What to look for when shopping 3. Check Latest Price. These excel in convenience, but often are lacking in power. If you want to feel the bass in your bones, and wake up the neighbors a few blocks away, you need a product that is on another level entirely. One looks just like replacement speaker, but under the hood, there is enough handling power for watts. The Orion is a product for the car audiophile. You might even need to tweak your electrical system, especially if you plan on running it at full blast more than just every now and then.

Once set up and dialed-in, this subwoofer can be your own earthquake machine.

But if you are looking to win a car stereo competition, Orion subwoofers can be your ticket. You have to be pretty serious to dabble with this one, as it may be too much for most people to handle. Great for anyone looking to enter a car audio competition, but for casual listeners and enthusiasts, it may be overkill. Tread lightly and make sure you know what you are getting yourself into, and make sure you get these installed by a skilled professional. Some subwoofer units include speakers and an enclosure but require separate amplification. As you move up the food chain from all-in-one units, you may want to use a separate amp to dial in your ideal sound.

In such case, the MTX Audio Terminator is a speaker and sealed box combo that can handle a ton of power. Each speaker is 12 inches, and built out of polypropylene cone. Each speaker also has watt maximum power and watt peak power. The speakers are protected by a rubber surrounding, have two-inch aluminum voice coils and a ounce magnet.

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Paired together, you get bass that is about as low as it goes. As with any speaker-only setup, the amplifier that you pair with the subwoofer is going to be key to your sound. Another big punch of bass, but more restrained than the Orion, the MTX Terminator is an excellent choice for those who want a traditional box enclosure design for the trunk.

If you are looking for an easier route to low-frequency audio, stick with a slim all-in-one unit. Slim or low-profile subwoofer models are designed to deliver powerful and responsive bass when space is at a premium. Space is one of the main concerns when choosing a subwoofer. As a slim subwoofer, the Rockville RW10CA is meant to slip under a car seat, such as the front passenger side. Since it is only 2. With a built-in amplifier, you can be assured that your car interior will not be a jumble of cables.

It is a no-brainer choice for those who are space-counscious, but if you are looking to win a competition against a booming back trunk enclosure, this is not the unit for you. For those looking for a more rugged enclosed subwoofer, the JBL GT-BassPro 12 provides all of the bells and whistles of an all-in-one subwoofer with a heavy-duty design.

This is not a sleek speaker or one that hides its raw power. With an exposed speaker and industrial-chic over-sized speaker protection bars, this JBL screams to be displayed in your ride. The bars are distinctly cool-looking but are quite functional as well. The JBL GT-BassPro12 features a built-in watt amplifier, inch polypropylene cone speaker, and a proprietary Slipstream port that eliminates noise at high output.

Dual Subwoofer

Installation is easy, and the unit includes signal-sensing for automatic operation when it senses and audio signal. If you want an all-in-one subwoofer that combines ease of installation with stellar performance and rugged features, JBL has the perfect solution for your car. Much like the Rockville — best value-priced model on this list — the Kenwood KSC-SW11 is intended for consumers who want to add a little punch of bass without having a car audio system that takes over all of their interior space and storage.

If you have limited space, but want an all-in-one subwoofer with easy controls and installation, take the Kenwood for a spin. Although it adds some bass, do not expect this model to shatter windows or rumble enough to soak your bones with low frequencies. The built-in amplifier is only rated at 75 Watts, so you already know the Kenwood is not a powerhouse.


The Kenwood shines, however, as a sleek addition to an existing audio system. Its aluminum casing looks great, even if you are just going to toss it under the seat out of sight. Like most all-in-one units, installation is easy. Kenwood also provides a remote, so adjustments can be made on the fly.