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This site updates daily with the latest freebies, so be sure to bookmark us. Also register for our e-mail newsletter and check out the Newbies Guide and Articles. A new survey panel with over 5 million members. LifePoints lets you earn rewards by completing online surveys.

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Sign-up now to get 10 LifePoints free. Free Cif Ecorefill Cleaner. Complete the form to claim a free bottle of Cif Ecorefill, a concentrated kitchen and bathroom cleaner. This concentrated solution makes it easy for you to re-use your existing spray.

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It saves on plastic and takes up far less space. A total of , vouchers are available. Closing date: 8th December To participate, just fill out the short online form it only takes a minute. The closing date is 3rd November In this exciting giveaway, you can win a variety of Shipyard craft beer goodies. But be sure to get in quick.

The closing date is fast approaching: 31st October Free Oral-B Toothpaste. This product, also designed for sensitive teeth, protects the gums and helps to strengthen tooth enamel. Follow the instruction to claim a voucher, redeemable for a sample of Aveda Sap Moss shampoo and conditioner. The shampoo cleans the hair without stripping vital nutrients, while the conditioner instantly detangles to tame frizz.

To claim yours, obtain the voucher, then take it to a nearby Aveda store or counter. Closing date: 31st October Win a Dyson Airwrap Styler. A new competition from the UK prize site, ActiveYou. In this draw, you have the opportunity to win a Dyson Airwrap Styler. This nifty device lets you achieve stunning curls and waves in your hair — without excessive heat. We recognised that it was the same flyer from the first pack.

Again, the contents will vary and change fairly frequently, but in ours we had the following freebies. So, we asked Baby Box University Co whether or not you get a choice of design. As of December , the free Baby Boxes are available to all parents in England. So, where do you pick it up from? You have to opt-in to email communications from Baby Box University, which is good. However, they do use info like your pregnancy, due date and whether you have children to help personalize your experience on the site.

However, it would seem that earlier trial versions of the baby box, boxes given out in Scotland, and the original Finnish baby boxes come with a lot of useful essentials for baby, too, like packs of wipes, baby clothes, nappies, sleeping bags, etc…. The lack of stuff in the box is because Baby University Co are currently getting all items as donations from brands. We will always ensure items included are meet Baby Friendly standards. All that said, make sure you know your stuff before you start using the box.

The pack will then be sent out to you in the post. That said, you do have to fill in quite a lot of data to obtain the freebies — and none of it is essential. You will then have to create a password in order to complete your account. I was contacted by someone who said I had won something from women freebies.

That was a scam. The website didn't have the blue checkmark like their website does.

So if it doesn't have the blue checmark then it is a scam. So be careful what you respond to. Ellen, I'm afraid the only thing you can do is report it to the BBB, and any Internet scam organizations. I as well as others have been called by this company sayings we won a million dollars and other gifts, but send various amounts of money first. This whole web site is nothing more than a few so called ladies getting together and getting people's info. They have not had any intentions of sending anything out to anyone,i when you do get. The End. Please report the account contacting you to Facebook.

This person is in no way affiliated to our site our page is verified, we have a blue check mark so you can see that we are the real WomanFreebies. I want to try and help stop the people sending these messages. However there is a legal loophole that prevents me from doing so unless they are messaging me directly. I really would appreciate if you could report the account. Yes it is I've been contacted by three different people all say oh you won just pay They are scammers. Sorry, but yes. If you won you shouldn't have to pay anything.

They should be ashamed of themselves. This "Francine Johnson" person is in no way affiliated to our site our page is verified, we have a blue check mark so you can see that we are the real WomanFreebies.

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I work for this site - as part of our privacy policy, we don't collect phone numbers. We give away 1,s of prizes, legitamitely. If you gave out your number, it wasn't to us.

I was told I won 5 million dollars, a washing machine, Dell laptop computer, and 2 pairs of Nike air max shoes. I would have to pay Does this sound legit? WomanFreebies reviews. Write a Review Ask a Question Share. I have try ed many times to join your company I enjoy getting free stuff in the mail but for as many times as I've tried all I end up is doing more and more questionnaires and more and more surveys of the same stuff time and time again I've never received any free items from your company and I'm very disappointed in the fact that you keep posting on my Facebook but I get nothing from it my name is Kimberly Moss and I would love to receive something from you if every your company can get ahold of me through Facebook and send me a message I'd be more than happy to try again.

Yes 6. Ladies, I have used this site for 3 years with no problems but I DO take a few precautions: If I enter a "woman freebies" giveaway shoes, ect. Scammers see this and use this as a way to contact you pretending to be with WF in order to get your information. IF you win anything you will always be notified by email, not through FB. Also, when on the site stay down the "middle" of the page. On the listed individual freebie there will be a pink box that says "get this" or something similar You fill in basic information name,address, email and maybe phone get a Google voice number to use for freebies!

If you find yourself on a survey page just exit out. They do advertise on these legit freebie sites in the hopes you will do their survey but low and behold no freebie ever comes because they were just getting information from your answers. Always click on the pink box, the freebie will open in a separate window.

Also try Free sample monkey and freebie shark same rules apply Good luck, Freebie on!!!!! Yes 3. You guys must either be talking about a different website or someone who is a scammer contacted you and told you they were with that site and lied because I get lots of free stuff from there. If you win something you shouldn't have to pay. Around Christmas time. Beware please dont fall for this.

Do you know we Womansfreebie are contacting you? Are you there? No why? There was appliances and other things Iwas so excited and almost crying. I herd the LORD say theres a catch calm down. I had said the LORD had told me those words. Thats when I did a google search. I als said I'm blocking you and unfollowing. The did it first lol lol. I will never try your site again cause I can never get through or never get any freebies, why not? I want an answer ASAP!! Yes 2. I've never received anything,but a bunch of surveys. Please don't bother. Yes 7. Aint nothing for Free Yes I aint been on the sight yet but im fixing to go and ck it out. Yes 5.